Wednesday, 1 August 2007

No Giorgi left behind

In keeping with the above family motto, Puddy is on her way. She's in the air now and David and Lily will go to Geneva airport at lunchtime tomorrow to pick her up. Funny to think that Lily will go to Switzerland before I do. I hope Puds does ok with the trip. Its a long flight for anyone let alone an almost 13 year old cat. We've got everything ready for her arrival - new litter bix with matching bowl and her favourite biscuits, some old bits of carpet from McWhirters for her to scratch on, and her basket lined with her old sheepskin rug. Jasper might have some competition for some of his favourite hiding places soon! Bon voyage Puds, we're waiting for you. And thanks to Auntie Mimi for some eleventh hour banking assistance!

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