Monday, 20 August 2007

So easy for them...

I'm always impressed by how fast Lily is learning french. She understands most of what we say to her now and she speaks to us and Jasper in sentences. I've heard her use words that neither David nor I have taught her. She is no doubt picking up a lot from her little friend as they chat away in french without any obvious problems in understanding each other. She's also become a bit more confident in speaking french with other adults. We read a lot of books at home and she often choses french books for us to read to her instead of english ones. At the library, we have quickly progressed from borrowing french baby-type board books to early readers and chapter books similar to those we borrowed in english in Brisbane. She says she loves to speak french and is obviously very proud of her achievements. However, ask her to say something on the phone to a grandparent and she'll simply respond "nothing." She is four, after all!

Jasper is now at the stage where he understands a lot of the english spoken to him. He says a few words in english and does a great dog impression - woof, woof! We're yet to hear his first spoken word in french but today I realized he is understanding some of the french we say to him. Today, with no dogs in sight, David said to him. "Jasper, tu vois un chien?" and he replied "woof, woof, woof...."


Rose said...

In only three months!
Isn't it wonderful how their little brains just soak in everything so quickly and so well, at this age.
Hope you are taking lots of videos :)

Destination Metz said...

Wow, that's quite amazing! I wish I could pick up French that fast. You are giving your kids a great gift by raising them bilingual.