Saturday, 25 August 2007

La Clusaz

Today we took a bus ride up to the little village of La Clusaz. Its less than an hour from Annecy. One of our closest winter ski resorts, its also a popular summer spot for randonnées . After a quick look around town we went up the télécabine to Beauregard (1647m).

It was a gorgeous sunny clear day and we headed off for a little walk, followed by a pique-nique.

After a bit more walking, and with two rather tired kids in tow, we headed back down to La Clusaz for some crêpes before catching the bus home. La Clusaz is a lovely little village and what made it even more fun for me was that knowing next time I see it, in the middle of winter, it will look completely different. I know I will regret saying this but I cant wait for winter!

randonnées - hiking
télécabine - gondola


Rosebank Magic said...

It looks beautiful and very 'Sound of Music-ish'. I can just hear 'the hills are alive....'
As for the winter - well, we will all be waiting to hear your comments in February!!

Piero P Giorgi said...

In February Jasper will be wearing his shoes and Lily will be skiing down the same slope. No pick-nick on the grass but a lovely fondue in the local caffee.
Happy Christmas from Pierononno

Miles Away In France said...

I agree with rosebank magic, very sound of music-ish.

The photos are lovely thanks for sharing with us.
Racheal x