Thursday, 23 August 2007

La 14e course des garçons de café

This is the type of event that always makes human interest news stories on TV in Australia. So it was fun to see it for real. Crowds gathered to watch waiters from local cafés race around the centre ville while holding a tray of drinks. The women started off first preceded by a couple of drag queens (it was just like being back in the Valley!).

Then it was the men. It was taken pretty seriously and I'm not surprised, with €300 going to the fastest man and woman.

Fast and stylish!

So close - the leader drops his tray just before the finish line.

I'm pretty sure this guy was the eventual winner - clearly the strain was starting to show!

Apparently, the winner was not necessarily the first across the finish line - the judges also considered the number of drinks left... or something like that.


Anonymous said...

How do I employee these people? :-)
So glad to see these things are taken so seriously......perhaps we could hold the inaugural event here!

Rosebank Magic said...

I'm always amazed by the great cultural rituals European countries have. In Australia we are poorer for not having crazy rituals and customs, that is not counting cane toad races in the NT.
I really can't imagine such a race down the Queen Street mall.
Still raining here although not so much, but we are loving every drop of it. I have redone Jasper's jumper again and have at last succeeded with the fair isle pattern, but I still have to repeat it for the front and sleeves, maybe I'll be really good at it by the time I get to the last sleeve!! I posted Lily's off today. Love and big hugs to all.

Penny said...

But Mum, what about the cockroach races at the Story Bridge Hotel - you cant say that's not culture!

Amanda - I think you should organize your own - its all good publicity!


Rosebank Magic said...

I think the cockroach races at the Story Bridge Hotel fit more into the category of 'culcher' don't you?

Emily said...

Hi Penny - I too live in Annecy (originally from the USA) and was watching this event with my sister who was visiting from New York City! We thought it was SO funny to see servers racing each other. Great photos, by the way. If you want to get a drink sometime in town, you can find my email through my profile on my blog. :)

The Late Bloomer said...

Hi there! I'm just making my way around your blog, reading about your adventures and experiences in Annecy. I remember first attending one of these races years ago in Paris when I was a student -- I was dating a garçon de café at the time -- and you're right, they took these things SOOOO seriously! He would train for months before the race, it was incredible!