Friday, 24 August 2007

First shoes

No longer am I the weirdest mother in the playground.

I swear they stick shoes on french babies seconds after they are born, (and heck, why not, with all the gorgeous, albeit expensive, kid's shoes there are to buy here). Not like me and any other aussies who read Baby Love, the new mother's bible in Australia and who follow the guideline of "dont put shoes on them till they've been walking well for 6 weeks." But now there will be no more cries of "mais il ne porte pas les chaussures" from little kids, mamies and the homeless man who hangs around the Bureau de Poste. Its a little earlier than I would normally do it, but we bought Jasper his first pair of shoes the other day.

Then again, I probably am still the weirdest mum there but at least my son has shoes on, and pretty damn cute ones if I say so myself!

"mais il ne porte pas les chaussures" - "but he's not wearing shoes"
mamies - grannies

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Miles Away In France said...

Ah, he looks so cute.
Racheal x