Friday, 3 August 2007

A chance encounter

Today, I took the kids down to the Pâquier for a late afternoon play. As we were kicking a ball around a french mum went past with her kids. I'd had a chat to her a few weeks ago at the park and today they joined us for a play. She was very friendly and patient with my french and the girls got on well (well, Lily shared a lot better after I whispered to her in english that if she played nicely and shared her trike, I'd buy her an ice-cream - not good parenting I know, but I wasnt going to let her ruin our best chance yet at some french friends!). And we left after exchanging phone numbers and agreeing to meet up for an outing. A really insignificant thing back in Brisbane, but a huge achievement for me in a new country. A real live french person wanted my phone number - imagine!


Rosebank Magic said...

I love the new photo. When was that taken?
Has Pud settled in?
I see I can't sign off as M & D anymore.

Penny said...

That one was taken in Monaco back in 2005. Puds is good but doesnt like the new flavour of biscuits - she is not eating much yet.

You should be able to sign off as M&D if you click Other under choose identity, if you dont want to use Rosebank Magic