Wednesday, 1 August 2007

A little brag...

I just overheard this conversation in our loungeroom

"Toi, tu viens avec moi? Ou toi, tu viens toute seule?"

This was Lily talking to Jasper while they were playing - it basically means or was meant to mean "are you coming with me or are you going on your own?" I've never said anything like this to her - she has put it all together herself. I find her language development quite amazing. I really thought she would not speak much french before she started school but she now speaks bits of french to Jasper a lot when they are playing at home and also when out. She's still a bit shy with speaking french to people other than family but that will come. And its all going to help to make those first few days of school easier.

I really hope that by moving here we can help our kids develop a real love of languages. Lily's already interested in other languages. We have quite a few italian books and yesterday she asked me to read her one. After I stumbled through in my dreadful italian, she sat down with it and said she was going to read it in spanish. For the next 5 minutes, she turned the pages and jabbered away in "spanish."

And as for Jasper, his new word is "tractor" which he pronounces "tracterrrrrr". Such a boy!

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M & D said...

I have such clever grandchildren.
You've got me with the blog for you to read to the children. I can feel that I am succumbing to the idea. More soon.
Very quiet here, harvesting almost finished, visitors leaving today but James due for an overnight on Monday.
Love and hugs