Thursday, 26 July 2007

Thanks for nothing, Dora!

Walking past the hardware store today, with Jasper peacefully asleep for once, I decided to pop in and try to find a bike lock. I'd been wanting one so I could take our running pram downstairs and chain it to the bikeracks in the bike room where we plan to store it (and get it out of the hallway!). I did my usual trick of explaining what I was looking for to an assistant - it went a bit like "I'm looking for a thing to put around the wheel of a bike to attach it to something so someone doesnt steal it". But instead of using voler, to steal, I used chiper, to pinch. Not the right word - she immediately corrected me (in a nice way) and told me it was voler or piquer. When I told David, he said that chiper is slang and not really appropriate in that situation.

Its all Dora's fault, of course. You know, Dora, the Explorer, or rather Dora, l'exploratrice as she is called here. We've bought Lily a few of her books as they are cheap and cheerful and have good basic french in them. But she's always saying "arrête de chiper, Chipeur" to this little raccoon-like thieving character. I guess she knows him well, but she's lead me astray!

And, of course, being a boy David had to try and break my combination as soon as I got it home. It took him about 3 minutes - apparently new locks are harder!


Space Mom said...

psss... that is Swiper. The animal is Swiper the fox. He wears a mask that is around his eyes. In English, Dora says "Swiper no swiping" which is slang for stealing.


Penny said...

A fox! Well, there you go... you can see I spend more time studying the words than looking at the pictures! Thanks Nance :)