Thursday, 12 July 2007

A surprise on the Pâquier

I woke up this morning to our first sunny day in a week and as usual went straight to the windows to look at the view. There on the Pâquier (which, apparently, is an old swiss word for paddock) were two hot air balloons filling up and almost ready to take off. I debated quickly getting myself and the kids dressed and rushing down as it is only a minute's walk away, but before we had a chance, they took off. As I ran for the camera, we had another surprise. Two more balloons appeared from behind some trees and we watched all four rise into the sky and disappear out of view. But one of the best things about our apartment is that it is "traversant" - it runs the whole width of the building. So we rushed to the kitchen window and watched them until they were out of sight.


M & D said...

That looks stunning, nearly as good as Rosebank.
I have just been watching a young koala walking (crawling) across from the mangoes to the cow paddock and a little earlier this morning a family of wallabies were grazing just outside the kitchen window.
Isn't the world is a beautiful place?
Love to you all. M & D

Penny said...

I've said it before but you really should have your own blog, Mum. Take the plunge!