Sunday, 22 July 2007


We've got it. Lots of it. Eight cubic metres of stuff from Australia that I am trying to put away in our new home. I've done the kitchen and the kid's room. The cupboards are pretty much full and I've still got six boxes left to unpack tomorrow and about 20 boxes of books to unpack once we've been to Ikea in Lyon to buy some shelving. Still, we're all happy - I've got my soup pot, my Le Creusset casserole and my red teapot, David has his Herman Miller chair and the kids have a room full of toys they havent seen in 3 months. Here's the before photo of their room.

And here's a few more cause they're so cute!

A photo of my monkey boy, sitting in his favourite spot - the fireplace

Two rabbits re-united

Best buddies in a beanbag

And a hint for anyone who doesnt know, click on the photos to see a larger image!

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