Tuesday, 24 July 2007


I've started running again. Well, I went this morning and I've got that post-exercise buzz happening. I've been making excuses lately not to go, so I've set a goal of once a week - every Tuesday. I need to make sure David gets to bed early enough to look after the kids in the morning as often he works into the wee hours. I'm not aiming for the 10k run in October this year. I just dont think I'll be ready and I dont want any injuries. There's always next year.

It was blustery this morning as I ran along the lake. The water was really choppy instead of the calm surface I'm used to. It made me wonder how cold its going to be in winter. I'm going to have to invest in some cold weather running gear - my cotton Lorna Jane running shorts just arent going to cut it!


Piero P Giorgi said...

You make me feel so lazy! Now I have to run too along Lake Garda, not just walk to the baker. So may useful hints from Annecy .....

Milie said...

Bonjour Penny !
J'ai moi aussi repris le jogging la semaine derniere...dur dur ! J'espere qu'il ne fait pas trop froid chez vous maintenant ! J'ai decouvert la marque Lorna Jane il y a quelques semaines, c'est tres sympa en effet, mais certainement pas assez chaud pour courir a Annecy en hiver. J'imagine que tu connais deja les magasins Decathlon ou Intersport ?
Cheers, Milie