Friday, 13 July 2007

Nooks and crannies

One thing I love about moving into a new home is discovering all its little secret spots and idiosyncracies. Lily has found most of them here - like the second cutlery drawer that is inside a cupboard in the kitchen. And that old tea towel she found on the kitchen heater when we had been here a week - ewww! Then there are the funny little shelves built into the side of the built-in robes in her bedroom - great for putting toys just out of Jasper's reach! One of my favourites is the fact that all the power to the bathroom is controlled by the lightswitch so if I turn it off when I leave the room, the washing machine stops. I'll come back hours later to get the washing out, only to hear the machine click on to start as soon as I enter the room and turn on the light.

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