Friday, 6 July 2007

A new home, at last!

We've just moved in. Our boxes from Australia are coming in 2 weeks but we have a new fridge, washer/drier and a mattress for us all to sleep on in the meantime. I really love the new place especially my little kitchen. I think its taking a little longer to grow on David but we'll get there. We have a lovely view, a lift and almost best of all, an internet connection!

And that lovely building, over behind the trees in the first photo, is the Préfecture, where I have to go on Monday for my next CDS appointment - wish me luck.


Jennie said...

Félicitations ! That view looks great. Glad you like your new place. Good luck on Monday at the préfecture!

M & D said...

I forgot to say - good luck on Monday.
Love M

Grominou2 said...

What a great view! Congrats on your new home!