Tuesday, 31 July 2007

La bibliothèque

I went to the library today. Alone! I got to stroll around the adults' section in peace rather than run around the kids' section, alternatively reading to Lily and making sure Jasper doesnt damage the books. The library is a block away from our house. They have a good collection of french policiers (detective stories - my favourites!) and 5 whole shelves of english books. I was surprised to see so many. If I keep alternating between reading french and english books, it will be years before I run out of english books to read. And surely by that time, reading books in french will not be such hard work.

After leaving the kids to their own devices on Sunday so I could finish Harry Potter, I am now ready to embark on my next french book, another american policier. Actually I started it already this afternoon, at a quiet café in the vielle ville, while eating gaufres (waffles) and having a chocolat chaud. It started with a sex scene - lots of new and interesting vocabulary there!

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