Wednesday, 11 July 2007

I'm living in chocolate heaven!

I used to laugh when David would tell us stories of how, when growing up in Switzerland, they would have a slab of chocolate in a bread roll for breakfast. But I was really unprepared for just what a big part of the diet it is here. In Australia, for me at least, chocolate was a bit of a treat, not to be eaten everyday and I would never dream of eating it at breakfast. Well, the other day I was looking for a pack of cocoa. After traipsing all over the Monoprix dragging two grouchy kids behind me, I gave up and sent David in. He found it quickly - of course, it was in the breakfast cereal aisle, because that's what you do with it, sprinkle it all over your cereal. Even the healthy cereals, like Weetabix, have as a serving suggestion to sprinkle cocoa on it. But that's not even necessary if you buy one of the dozens of brands that actually have pieces of chocolate already in it. I kid you not - even the Special K has a chocolate version! Its nice on occasion (and I'm rather partial to a bowl at night after the kids are in bed) but for now I'm sticking to plain old porridge for breakfast.

And dont even get me started on the chocolate formula they have for babies!

This one is for a certain chocolate loving friend of mine - she knows who she is!


Rose said...

Hahahhahaaaaaaa I need to visit ASAP!

Tempted to give my kids chocolate for breakfast! Sounds like such a blast!

Carolyn said...

mmmm, I would be very very happy living in that aisle.

flo said...

My roomates and I we had quite the same alimentation but our breakfast were really different. I used to have a chocolat chaud with oats or a toast of jam or butter and a fruit like a mango or some pineapple. Rachel, my roomate used to have an avocado toast with salt and pepper, or vegemite or (the worst thing I've ever seen...) tomato baked beans on a toast... beurk!