Monday, 9 July 2007

I have a récépissé

Not a Carte de Séjour, but a receipt of my request for a CDS. And given how the appointment started out, I feel pretty lucky to have it. We all turned up for my appointment, but it was with a different person. I had barely handed over my passport when she started searching for the visa. Oh, but I dont need a visa, I said confidently. But everyone needs one, she replied, EVERYONE. I started to get a bit nervous and told her that her colleague who we saw last time had said I dont need one, as had the Sydney Consulate - in fact, I even had a letter. No, no, no - she was adamant everyone needs one. Fortunately Dav piped up and gave a bit of background and she finally remembered that spouses of EU citizens are a special catagory, and are, I think, probably the only people who dont need a long stay visa to get a CDS. So with that obstacle out of the way she went through the check-list provided to us by her colleague.

By this time, I was really wishing he was there with us instead of off on holidays, probably sunbaking on a beach at Ibiza or something. He'd only checked about 6 items on the list of about 40 potential documents needed for a CDS. She added another three! But at least I now have a récépissé, which is valid until October, and which she said they will extend if necessary as she wont be able to issue my CDS until they get the code for my special situation and of course, they wont get any codes until the rentrée in September (which by the way, is a whole other post, but in short, I thought the rentrée was just about school but its just one big holiday now and nobody is going to do anything important, like fix our parquetry, until September). At least we have a few months to sort out how Dav is going to set up his business and to work out if we will be getting french social security or expat health insurance (as I will need one or the other when I go back for another appointment).

Interestingly, my récépissé allows me to get a job - like I have time for that, right now! But its good to know for the future.

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