Saturday, 7 July 2007

Have I said how much I love my new kitchen?

The only thing missing (apart from all my kitchen things that will arrive in 2 weeks) was a kettle so I set off to buy one today. Once again, I forgot to look up the word for kettle in the dictionary before I went out so I found myself in shops trying to describe how a kettle functions (it came out a bit like "I'm looking for a thing like a teapot that you put on the gas to heat the water for a cup of tea!"). There was lovely blue Le Creusset one which would have looked so nice with my new casserole dish but at €59, it was a bit out of my price range. Fortunately a very nice man in an electrical appliance shop told me to go to the local hardware store (which I had forgotten about as it sells much more than an aussie hardware shop) and I am now the proud owner of a "bouilloire". As we will need some new lights installed, I asked him if he did electrical work (or so I thought). When I told Dav about it, it appears I might just have asked him if he was electric! He's probably still scratching his head wondering who was that strange woman trying to chat him up?


Piero P Giorgi said...

My dear Australian Froggies!
I am so happy you have a nest in Annecy. "Small is beautiful" is a slogan but also a practical reality. When I am marching along the whole convent looking for one particular object, I sometime remember how nice it was my flatlet at Union College, where I could reach almost everything from my bed.
Your home looks great, and the view from the balcony is glorious. Looking down to the Prefecture also gives you a sense of power, I guess.
When we moved to Geneva we too had an empty flat, until we managed to buy or steal bits of furniture here and there.
Have a lovely cup a tea from your bouilloire and cheers for all four of you!!!

M & D said...

Glad you finally sorted out your kettle, but I'm also especially glad to see a post from Pierro in english. I haven't been able to translate the italian posts from him and Silvana so we have been missing out on what they've had to say.