Thursday, 21 June 2007

We're on a roll

Gosh, we are making progress this week. Maybe its that we've been here a month and things are starting to fall into place. Today we went to visit a doctor to get another attestation. Seems you cant do much here without an attestation about something. We wanted to get the kids BCG shots done so they can go to the activity centres and for school for Lily. But to get the shots you need a blood test and to get the blood test, you need an attestation that there are no contra-indications to getting the shot. So off we went to the french equivalent of a GP recommended by a friend.

She was really great - very approachable and patient. She gave us lots of interesting information about the BCG shot and explained that she can provide us with a waiver for the school if we decide not to do it - food for thought. In any event, its good to know a good GP and she was excellent with the kids as they both had to be examined. Also she was very patient with me as I explained Jasper's medical history while David listened. It gave me the confidence that for a minor complaint, I could take the kids on my own. And best of all, we left with not only the name of a pediatric dentist but also, the pediatric orthopedic surgeon who treated her daughter for turned in feet and who Jasper will see for follow-up in October.


Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful to hear about the good news on the school and the lease. Wow that's wonderful. Give me an address when you can. Hugs and congratulations to all. Well done you two geniuses.
My brain is melting from another big sale. I was dagging out in my jamies and making dinner and a neighbour came over wanting me to swap thermals for her!?! There is no escape.
Big sloppy kisses

silvana said...

Chère "in France family",merci à Penny qui nous donne toutes ces nouvelles. Nous suivons avec satisfaction et aussi avec un peu de appréhension toutes les demarches de votre acculturation à la France.
Mais on voit que vous ne perdez pas patience (indispensable vertu) et que vous trouvez des chouettes personnes sur le chemin.
Félicitations pour la signature du bail et "joyeuse entrée" le 3 juillet dans la nouvelle demeure.
silvana avec piero

Kate and Mark said...

That's fantastic news - a new home, school and dr's all in the one week!! Sounds like it's all coming together.

What were you worried about!

Big hugs and kisses to all
Kate, Mark, Thandie and Sahara

Justine said...

Thank you so much for the postcard. Gus was thrilled and it's on his noticeboard in is room.