Thursday, 14 June 2007

One month in

We've been in Annecy one month today so I've been taking stock of how my french is going. While I certainly have a long way to go, I think I've made a bit of progress. Today I had a long conversation with a woman in rue Carnot (actually she had the conversation with me) and while I didnt understand that much of it, I got the gist of a long sad tale about her cat.

I made my first phone call in french the other day. I've been pretty slack about the phone and tend to have David make all the calls. Its easy enough to plan what I want to say but people on the other end of the phone can say very unpredictable things! But in the midst of the joy that is bedtime at the Giorgi's, when everyone is hyper and no one wants to go to sleep, David suggested I call our host here to book us in for breakfast today. Maybe I was just keen to escape for a few seconds but I quickly picked up the phone and successfully made it through (although it wasnt until after I got off the phone that I managed to decipher something he'd said to me).

And today I managed to buy all the necessary ingredients for Lily's birthday cake - I even asked a couple of women about ingredients. It's fun trying to describe what icing sugar and baking powder do when you dont know their names! Now, all I've got to do is manage to cook this cake in a microwave - something I've never even attempted. Still, how hard can it be, right?

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Jo Jackson writing to say that it all looks BEAUTIFUL not to mention HEAVENLY GREEN!

I am fascinated by the way Lily is interlarding French into her English!