Sunday, 17 June 2007

Joyeux anniversaire Lily!

It was a gorgeous sunny Annecy day for Lily's fourth birthday today. And it was a happy day for all, because, as well as opening presents, going out for lunch, eating cake, having a boat ride and eating Lily's choice for birthday dinner (lamb chops and chips), we moved from Sevrier back to our saisonniere in the vielle ville in Annecy. It felt like coming home and, at all of 70 metres, it feels so spacious compared to a hotel room.

We took the cake with us to lunch and ate it with a big bowl of icecream. The people at the table next to us even joined us in singing Joyeux Anniversaire to Lily. We did the 1 hour boat trip as far south as Duingt Castle, which was enough with Jasper trying to ring the ship's bell and startling all the oldies. We had lots of e-cards and phone calls of birthday wishes from Australia and it was a really great day.


silvana said...

Merci, dear Penny, de nous tenir au courant de votre quotidien. Cela nous rapproche.
J'espère que la nouvelle maison ne tardera pas à vous accueillir.
On vous embrasse tous les quatre bien fort


Grominou2 said...

Bonne fête Lili!

mimi said...

How lovely to see the birthday photos. Give the shmoggins a big hug from us.

M & D said...

Gorgeous photos of the kids. The cake looks fun, but how did it taste?
Its freezing cold here so I hope you are enjoying the summer warmth. Love M & D

Kate and Mark said...

Ok we all want to move to Annecy too now!! The photos are beautiful. The mountain backdrop to the park and the lake is gorgeous!
Annecy definitely seems to be aggreeing with you - you all look great.
Glad Lil had a great birthday - she looks so grown up now that she is 4!!

hugs and kisses to all