Tuesday, 19 June 2007


We had one of those days today where things just seem to fall into place. First up, we went to see the real estate agents. There is a lovely woman there who helped convince our landlord not to ask for the stricter CB. She confirmed today that we are to inspect the apartment on 3 July in the afternoon and then we can move in! As we have not yet signed our lease we asked her for an attestation of the fact that we WILL be signing one. And with this magic piece of paper in hand we trotted off to the Mairie (town hall) to finally try to enrol Lily in school.

We also needed an attestation of her vaccinations from the health section of the Mairie (which we already had) and her birth certificate. David handed it all over, gave our intended address and mentioned that we were here to enrol in the rue Carnot school as the school in our catchment area (which we really preferred) was full. As we'd never even been able to put her name on the waiting list (as we didnt have the magic piece of paper) we were stunned to hear there had been cancellations and there might be one or two spots in our preferred school. We held our breath as the clerk made a quick call to the Director of the school and then raced over there with an enrolment form for an appointment. We sat and waited nervously outside her office unable to quite believe that we were almost in. We talked with the Director for about half an hour and what we saw of the school felt right. Although all of the schools here are good, a number of people we have spoken to have expressed a preference for this school. So Lily is enrolled to start in September. All we need to organize is her BCG shot (for tuberculosis) and her school insurance - no I'm not kidding!

We celebrated our success with another visit from Toci and Sergio and my first attempt at making tartiflette (without a recipe). It was really quite good.

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