Thursday, 31 May 2007

Still waiting

We havent heard from the agent yet but hopefully all will be ok. David is very busy with work so the kids and I headed out on our own for the day. After doing some grocery shopping, we headed to the phone shop where I managed to get my phone recharged all on my own. If David isnt with me I just have to make do and I think I'll learn more that way. Later this afternoon we headed out to the library which is just around the corner from what will hopefully be our new home. It is a very well stocked library with a good kid's section and I even managed to ask someone what paperwork I will need to join.

But the highlight of the day was when we headed out to a local café to meet some of the members of Expat France, a website/forum David has set up. We met two expats and one local Annecien and got to talk about some of the issues they've faced. One brought two of his boys who got on famously with Lily and Jasper. It also gave us a bit of insight into how quickly kids adapt to moving here.

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