Thursday, 24 May 2007

Our one week anniversary

We arrived in Annecy one week ago today and all things considered I dont think we're doing too badly. David spent some time at his bank the other day and got a few very important things sorted out. (You cant even get an internet connection without a cheque book!). And today we had a look at an apartment. It was near the train station and the exposure wasnt right but it was good to have a look. It was the first apartment I have seen in an "immeuble bourgeois" - one of the many lovely old 1920/1930s apartment buildings here in Annecy that we have our hearts set on. We have two others that we are trying to see but everything takes so long here. We cant even make an appointment to see one of them until Monday. I'm trying to be patient but I feel like there is so much to do and everything is more complicated than it first appears to be. I'm sure in a few months or so when we are all settled in the beaurocracy wont appear so daunting, but for now I just want to find us a home.

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