Friday, 25 May 2007

A morning off and some good news

We took a long walk up past the chateau to check out the rest of the catchment area of one of the schools we like. There werent many apartments there but it was an interesting walk for me. We then walked further along the lake in the direction of Sévrier and came to the little public beach. It was really nice and peaceful. The water was very cold but Lily splashed around up to her knees and I sat in the shade on the lawn with Jasper.

But the day got worse when Jasper woke up early from his nap and was really unconsolable. We had to take him with us in a foul mood to inspect another apartment. This one was in a gorgeous old art deco building that faced south (we are after some winter sun in the mornings) and had a double séjour (double living area - so that David can use one part for an office). The two bedrooms had an adjoining door and it was very light. The tenant was there moving out and apparently she had little good to say about it. It was on the first floor and she could hear drunks leaving the pub up the road (sounds just like the Valley!), the balconies were very low and because of the sun the bedrooms got up to 39-40 degrees in summer! So another one not for us....

Just when I was starting to feel like nothing was going our way, David rang me from his makeshift office at the Novotel to tell me we had an email saying we had a tenant interested in our apartment in McWhirters at a really good rent and for a 12 month lease. Perfect! Maybe our luck is starting to change.

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