Tuesday, 29 May 2007


We've seen somewhere we are interested in. Not the place on the main road, that already had a dossier opened on it (not to mention that the agents wanted a 3 year caution bancaire.) But today we have seen a place we like. It is small but as soon as I walked in I felt we could be comfortable there. The building design has nothing special about it but the apartment is on the 6th floor and has a lovely view of the mountains. The balcony will need securing properly. It worries me but it is only accessed through 2 very secure doors. The apartment has a large lounge dining and two biggish bedrooms. Dav would use our bedroom to work in during the day and the loungeroom at night. The kitchen is little but quite lovely with a view out to the hills to the north. Best of all, it is fully equipped with built-in cupboards, sink, gas stove, oven and dishwasher. We'd only need to buy a fridge. It even has a little pantry area.

The apartment is two blocks from the lake and the school and about 5 minutes walk to the vielle ville. We have made enquiries and are waiting to hear from the landlord whether he will accept a caution bancaire. If he does we will open a dossier. Fingers crossed, once again.

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