Sunday, 27 May 2007

Lily's first french sentence

Its been a nice cool rainy weekend after a rather hot week. I got a bit of time off today from the kids to go to the markets on my own and to sit and have a cup of hot chocolate and a St Honoré cake - yummy! Then David came down with the flu so it was back to the coal face. I did get time to make a very good pot of potato and leek soup.

I've been really impressed with how Lily's french is going. We spend a lot of time at the parks here so she is around kids every day. And of course, we have kept up with our plan to speak french outside the home and english at home (although we do mix them up a bit too). A few days ago she started to drop the odd french word into an english sentence (eg "I coloured the coccinelles in rouge". A coccinelle is a ladybird.) And yesterday she said her first french sentence. She was playing hide and seek with Jasper and she said "Maman, Jasper trouvé moi." I was amazed. Ok, so its not gramatically correct but that's how you learn. Today she said " Maman, I a fini." So she is starting to use some verbs which is great as they are more abstract than nouns (Well,that's how it seems to me, not that I'm a linguist!)

Tomorrow we hope to look at an old place nearby. It has everything going for it - its big, appears to have high ceilings, no balconies, 2 bedrooms and hopefully a dining room or some other area that David can use for an office, very close to our favourite school and Lily's favourite park, and what must be an amazing view of the lake ....... BUT, ready for the catch - its on the busiest road through town (although it is actually set back from the road a little). If its not right for us, or if they wont take a one year caution bancaire, I have no idea what we'll look at next - there are not that many more vacant apartments in this area.


DestinationMetz said...

Hi there. Just found your blog- you should register it on the expat women website. I'm moving to France in August, I'm a fellow Australian- from Melbourne. I'm getting married to a Frenchmen and have got a job as a teaching assistant. I look forward to reading your blog!

mimi said...

Hello people! Great to read your page or blog. First one I've ever read. Oh how I wish I had Heard Lily's first French sentence, how cool is that. Hope you are all managing to keep the stress at bay and the smiles infront. I'm surrounding you all with a hippy whitw light of calm. Hugs MG oh yeah I was head hunted today by another company, nothing to do with camping for regional manager, what a head swell. Of course I said no but lovely all the same.

Patricia said...

I love reading your blog as I will be living in Annecy for four months starting in August with my two kids. We currently live in California. I just received some possibly not so great news. The school that I want both of my kids to go to might not be able to accomodate both of them. I have just the sent Mairie an email almost begging to keep them together as I won't have a car and the school is five minutes from our little house in the old section. I'm sure I will run into you. I will be the confused looking American!!!

Kate said...

Hi guys - i so love reading your blog and even with all the red tape and nasty French beaurocrats - we're still very jealous. So cool to hear that Lily is using her French - i can just imagine how cute it would've sounded. Can't wait to hear what Jasper's first French word will be!!

Glad to hear it's all going well, despite all having the flu! And can't wait to see some photos of Annecy and of you all looking sophisticated and European!!

If you get a chance could you send me your address - Thandie has done a couple of drawings/paintings for Lil and wants to send them over for her birthday.

Hope you all feel better soon and good luck with the apartment hunting :o)

Penny said...

HI Patricia

Sounds like you will be living in a lovely area. We are staying in the vielle ville while we find our apartment - its so beautiful. I think I know what school you are talking about as we had planned for Lily to attend the maternelle nearby and we have been told there is a waiting list and it looks unlikely. Hope you have better luck than us! Maybe we can catch up for a play once you are settled - Lily loves the playgrounds here!

Penny :)