Saturday, 26 May 2007

Its hard to be a blogger.....

when you dont have a computer or internet access! I write all my posts out longhand every day or two. Then, when I can find a few spare minutes, usually when the kids are asleep and David is home with his laptop, I get to type them up. Then I get him to upload them for me when he next gets online. That's why they come up in batches of three or four at a time. I have yet to see any of my french posts up on my blog but once I get my computer in about 6 weeks I'll be able to go through and read and correct them (that is unless we can actually get a wireless internet card in less time than that!). Not quite how I imagined writing this blog but still.... What's hardest is being out of contact with family and friends because I dont have email. Its a bit isolating as I am quite dependant on email. But there is just not time for me to go off with the laptop to get online. If only there were more backpackers in Annecy, I'd have the perfect idea for a business - an internet cafe - but the type of tourist here just wouldnt be that interested!

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