Wednesday, 30 May 2007

A day of ups and downs

I swear we bring on some of this drama ourselves with out somewhat unrealistic hopes and expectations of what we can easily achieve as immigrants in a new country. We waltz into such a beautiful and popular town and expect to pick up a fabulous apartment right in the middle of things and plonk Lily down in the most picturesque school in 3 months time. Considering that we are now aware of only 3 immobiliers (real estate agents) in town that will accept less than a 3 year caution bancaire in our situation, we are lucky to be even close to securing the little apartment we are after.

We all trooped into the immobilier this morning after I got sick of waiting for a call and started nagging David! But we were lucky to meet with one of the owners of the business who seemed quite sympathetic to our situation. We were even allowed to open a dossier! He will recommend an 18 month CB to the owner and we are waiting to hear if it is accepted.

So we left there pretty chuffed and headed over to the Mairie (Town Hall) to double check our street would be in the right catchment area for the school we wanted. Oh yes, its in the right area - only problem is the school is full and they are putting people on a waiting list. The sooner we get on the list the better. This caused much angst and agonizing as once again our plans fell into disarray. We can go on the waiting list once we have our rental agreement and Lily's vaccination records approved by the health section of the Mairie. So I calmed down a bit and we popped home to get her health book and were able to get her records verfiied very quickly and efficiently.

I decided to go for a walk to check out the other school they would "recommend" for her if she doesnt get into our first choice. Through a combination of error, nerves and a bad mood, I completely missed the Maternelle school, seeing only the Elementary school, part of which borders a busy road. After arriving home in a state and insisting we now check out the private Catholic schools in our area, we headed to the local playground where David accosted a few mums for their opinion. After another trip to Mairie just to clarify some issues we trooped back to the recommended school, only to find on closer inspection a nice looking Maternelle, a quick walk from our hopefully home-to-be along a relatively quiet road and the zone pietonne (pedestrian area - which comprises much of the vielle ville and some of the centre ville).

So drama avoided, we are happy with either of the 2 schools and can (if its offered) confidently take the apartment knowing that we would be able to get Lily into a school nearby (and let's face it, she doesnt care if her school is on the lake or not - she just wants to go to school!)

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Hello beautiful people! Miss you enormously. Big sale disolving my brain. What's that Japanese word for death by overwork? Kaori? Anyway it's crazy. Neighbour even came over tonight to get me to swap some thermals! here's me in my daggy jamies cooking dinner! It's a funny world. Hugs to all MG