Sunday, 1 April 2007


Jasper's next hip appointment is on Tuesday and the anxiety is starting to kick in. First he has two x-rays (which he hates) - one with the brace on and one with it off. Then we go see the orthopaedic surgeon. There is a chance that we may be done with the brace there and then as the surgeon originally said it was for 6 weeks. However, at our last appointment it was more like, at least 6 weeks. I'm not at all worried about having to keep the brace on longer. Its no problem to take care of him in it and he is making such progress despite it. He can stand up (although he's not quite straight upright), he can cruise (swinging his legs around like a cowboy!), he can sit up in it and today he even climbed 3 stairs!

No, what worries me is that something may have gone wrong and we need another operation straight away. How would that work with our move? Could we get him in in the next 6 weeks? And would he even be allowed to fly in a cast? And then, how soon could we find a specialist once we get to France? I really must just take it day by day and not expect the worst - its just that way I get less disappointed if it happens!

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