Wednesday, 25 April 2007

I'm 40!

When I turned 30, 40 seemed practically ancient. Now it seems, well, a lot like 39 in fact! I haven't felt the slightest bit down about leaving my 30s. Maybe its because I've got so much else on my plate with the move - all our stuff gets uplifted on Friday. But also my life at 40 is just how I would have wished it to be. I'm so much happier than I was at 30, thanks to having left my law career well behind me. I've still got my best friend to share my life with. And our dreams of having a family have been fulfilled. When we were in the midst of our pregnancy losses in our mid 30s, I wondered how life would be at 40 and whether I would be destined to spent the last of my fertile years repeating that terrrible cycle of getting pregnant only to lose the babies. Now, it seems so long ago that its almost like it happened to someone else...almost. Still, life is good; a huge change is just around the corner. So, I'm what?

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Space Mom said...

Happy Birthday! Those big round numbers sneak up on you, don't they!