Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Good news

Jasper's brace has come off for good! The surgeon said his xrays show the hip is looking really good, almost normal. Of course, we need it to keep developing well but for now the placement is good. So no more brace! It was nice to finally see those chunky little thighs again and be able to give him a real cuddle with no hard bits. We will have to find ourselves a good pediatric orthopaedic surgeon once we get to Annecy but he doesnt need to be checked again for 6-8 months so that gives us plenty of time. For now, I'm just going to enjoy watching him learn to walk.


Grominou2 said...

Wonderful news!!


PS I have changed my username (my own blog is also on Blogger) to avoid confusion with another poster who used Genevieve (without the accent) as a username!

Penny said...

Thanks Gen. I checked out your blog a while ago but its still a bit beyond me! One day I hope to be good enough at french to leave a sensible comment :)

Grominou2 said...

I'm sure you will be in no time! ;-)