Sunday, 4 March 2007

Bookings and inquiries

I feel like I've done nothing all week but send emails about hotel rooms! We've made a lot of progress. We have found our location saisonnière but we can only have it for five out of the six weeks we need. We have to vacate for a week in the middle due to a previous booking. Thanks to the Animation Festival in Annecy that week, it has been really hard to find accomodation for the week of Lily's birthday but I think (fingers crossed) that we have a two-star hotel room booked for that week now. Our location saisonnière is right in the middle of the vielle ville and looks really nice. Of course, we cant stay there for our first two nights in Annecy, so I've booked us a little hotel room right in the vielle ville in a very quaint looking hotel - after all, someone told me you can never have too much quaint!

I've learned an interesting lesson about being a family of four - its not as easy to find a hotel room as it is for three! I am used to just booking one room and we all share the bed. Well, not any more. Lily now sleeps mostly in her bed so we need a double and a single but it seems hotels have occupancy limits for rooms - who'd have thought? In fact, near Tokyo airport where we are staying overnight to break our journey, only one of the hotels even has a "family room" which allows 4 people. It looks like we will probably just book 2 rooms. I guess this is the way of the future for us.

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