Friday, 2 February 2007

The word is out!

David Giorgi is in town! After speaking to a real estate agent and explaining what we were looking for, David was directed to their other branch in town to view a particular apartment. He popped in there the next day to enquire, only to be asked if he was "the australian"? Maybe we are such a rarity in Annecy that a visit from an australian is really noteworthy!

David seems to be making great progress. He's got all the info he needs from various departments about starting his business there. He has been all round the lake and decided that none of the villages are right for us but he hopes to find us a place right in the middle of Annecy. There are 2 schools nearby so all we need is an apartment within walking distance of one of them and we would be able to walk to the lake, the markets, the library, the parks and the vielle ville. Now if we can just find the perfect apartment in an old 1920s style building we'll be set!

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