Friday, 9 February 2007

Waiting, waiting

Not much news from Dav today. He wasnt able to get an appointment to see either of the new places on Friday. He will try again on Monday. We had a chat about the new art deco one and he feels the area is way too busy compared to the more quiet area of the 4 bedroom apartment near the railway in Vaugelas. I had been having some second thoughts about the Vaugelas apartment due to a number of comments made to David about the area being a bit dodgy at night. But he has been there at night and says it is very quiet. And realistically, it cant be any worse than the Valley, can it? Still it would be nice to be really close to the lake but, then again, everything is such a quick walk anyway.

So we wait, again. Weekends are a bit dull without David here. But we have a birthday party to go to tomorrow. It'll be Monday before I know it.

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