Monday, 12 February 2007

So far, so good

Its Monday morning in Annecy and no one has yet started a dossier on the Vaugelas apartment. The art deco one near the lake has been taken off the rental market and David will look at the one near the castle on Tuesday afternoon. He is off to meet J and her husband tonight and will head back to Annecy on Tuesday morning to hopefully start a dossier on the Vaugelas apartment. We have decided that if it falls through, he will not look at any others and we will just have to find one when we go in May. I dont think there is any reason to take a "second best" apartment at this stage when the money we would spend on rent over the next 13 weeks could be spent putting us up in a hotel for a couple of weeks when we arrive. I think his trip has been such a valuable experience anyway that it doesnt matter if he comes home without having signed a lease...but I'm not sure he feels the same.

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