Monday, 5 February 2007

Kindergarten is so fun!

I cant believe my little baby is at kindergarten already. Off she marched with her Barbie backpack (thanks Great Gran!) and her new cup inside - no waterbottles for these big kids! When we arrived we saw her teacher from 2 years ago when I first took her to the parent/toddler group - I still remember how she used to scream at morning tea time, when she had to sit on a chair around the table with the other kids and I was supposed to stand over the other side of the room with the parents. I watched her sit down with the other kids today to play with play dough and she did not bat an eye when Jasper and I left. I knew then that all those Monday mornings when I would wake up and dread going to parent/toddler group, wondering what sort of performance she would put on and what all the other mothers would think of me - that strange woman who *still* breastfed and slept in the same bed as her child - all those mornings had been worth it to get to where we are today. My little girl is growing up and it is wonderful (and a bit sad!) but mostly wonderful.

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