Sunday, 25 February 2007

The hunt is on....again

Its time to start looking for our furnished apartment for May. I keep imagining all these bored Brits planning their spring/summer holidays saying "Annecy sounds nice, luv why dont we go to Annecy this year?" and booking up all the apartments. We've decided we need to allow about 6 weeks to find our home especially as the caution bancaire can take a month to issue. I doubt we'll find one furnished apartment that we can stay in for the whole time but we can try.

Jasper is doing great. David took him swimming today and he was just beaming! He is starting to put his weight back on his feet when he's on all fours. And he's finally starting to sleep a little better at night - at least he only wakes up screaming and unhappy one or twice in the early night. He's much easier to console and settle back to sleep after that. And I'm starting to feel halfway human again.

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