Friday, 16 February 2007

Another tick!

David has managed to open a french bank account. I think, like many things in France, it took a fair amount of persistence. The person who was supposed to return his phone call never did. Our french friend said many beaurocrats dont return phone calls and just expect you to chase them up! But he now has one and I think that will serve to make things easier in May. He also found out a lot more about the caution bancaire. Apparently they are more widely accepted than he thought - it was just unfortunate that we could not use one for our apartment of choice. They can take between 2 weeks to one month to issue so we will need to bear this in mind when organising our furnished apartment (or "furnitured apartment" as I saw them called the other day). In any event, there seem to be quite a few furnished apartments available for rent and that will give us a good base while we find our home. And typically french, many even accept pets! Maybe Puddy wont have to be in a kennel for long after all.

caution bancaire - bank guarantee

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Space Mom said...

YEA!!! THat's great news!!!