Thursday, 22 February 2007


Day three of the brace and things are going surprisingly well. After being a bit clingy the first two days, Jasper is quite happy on the floor on his tummy for long periods today. He is really starting to master getting around and has started pushing right up on his arms again to drag his legs along. I think I've found the right size nappy to get us through the night without leaks and so far there have been no real problems there. But the issue is with sleeping. He sleeps for about an hour and then he wakes up very unhappy. It then takes about 3 attempts (about an hour!) to get him back down asleep. Then he wakes after another hour. Its no exaggeration to say I feel like a zombie today and I am pretty good at coping with sleep deprivation (after all I have had considerable training in that area!). I can cope if he wakes every hour so long as he goes straight back to sleep OR I can cope if he's up for an hour so long as its only once.... but combine the two, rinse and repeat all night long and I just cant function. I'm really hoping that as he has had such a good day today and is feeling more comfortable with the brace during the day, that it might equal less waking tonight... fingers crossed.

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