Sunday, 25 June 2006

France, why France?

David and I met almost 13 years ago. I still remember that on our first date we talked about how we both wanted to live in another country where we could speak a language other than english. Fast forward a decade and 2 children later and we are still living in nice, safe, comfortable Brisbane. In 2004 we spent 3 months in Italy and had a week in France at the end of our trip. It was enough to motivate us to get out of our comfort zone and give our kids Lily, 3 and Jasper, 2 months, a different kind of upbringing. David grew up in Switzerland and speaks french so France seems a very inviting choice. My french is limited to what I learnt at high school many, many moons ago but I'm up for the challenge. We want to get there in 2007 so that Lily can start french preschool in time to get a good understanding of french before starting school. I'm just at the beginning of my research into all the things I need to do but its time I got things underway...

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