Monday, 15 January 2007

Day Six and we are doing well

I really feel like I am starting to get a handle on all of Jasper's care and I'm feeling a lot more confident about managing on my own when David is away. Having discarded the woefully inadequate advice about nappies from the hospital, I have settled on the right combination of nappies and incontinence pads to make sure we avoid any more major leaks. Buying incontinence pads is almost as embarassing as buying condoms - I feel like discreetly saying "they're not for me, you know" to the chemist, but I guess they hear those excuses all the time.

The last major problem I was worried about has been sorted out. Although Jasper fit in Lily's car seat, which she kindly vacated, I was not happy with the safety of the straps due to the angle at which he sits. So, today we hired a special car seat, which, rather ironically is the same type as Lily's seat but has been modifed to be used by spica kids.

Now if my back just holds out, I feel like I just might make it through the next 36 or so days....

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