Monday, 26 June 2006

Things to do, version 1.0

I realized today that if we are going to get to France a couple of months before the start of the school year in September 2007 that means we'll be leaving in about a year! A very scary thought considering that there is an awful lot to organize. And a lot of days are like today - with Lily refusing to take a nap and turning feral by late afternoon and Jasper just wanting to be held all day - it doesnt leave a lot of time to get much done, let alone to start planning. So here it is, the first but definitely not the last list of things that will need to be done by mid next year at the very latest.

- decide where in France we want to live, then research accomodation and schools in that area
- try to understand how long stay visas work and apply for one for me
- get together all the documents that will be necessary to apply for a carte de séjour (temporary residency permit) for me once we are there
- work out how to get Puddy over there
- get copies of all the documents we could possibly need once we're there (all I read tells me that the french love documents)
- check all the passports for expiration while we're away and get Jasper's australian and italian passports once he is a bit older
- chuck out, donate or sell everything we dont need, store what we want to keep but dont want to take with us, ship the rest and rent out the apartment for a fabulous amount of money (or at least an amount sufficent to cover the mortgage and expenses on it)

I'm sure there is a lot more but to my sleep deprived brain that sounds like more than enough to get started with

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